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...frequently asked questions.
What is the difference between Green Power and the Champion
There are many differences. Let's take a closer look them.

A. Green Power uses an extraction system of twin gears.
Champion has one auger feed type mechanism.

B. Green Power twin gears are constructed with magnets and bioceramic particles to extract more minerals and better stabilize the fresh squeezed juice.
Champion does not have magnetic or bioceramic technology.

C. Green Power rotational speed of juicing is 110 rpm. To keep juice from heating up during the extraction process.
Champion's rpm is over 1000

D. Green Power, in sound testing, measured 61 decibels at ear level from the juicer. *
Champion measured 66 decibels at ear level. *

E. Green Power, in tests measuring electromagnetic fields, measured 21 milliGauss at a distance of 6 inches from the machine.*
Champion, in that same testing measured 51 milliGauss at a distance of 6 inches from the machine. *

F. Green Power is triturating type juice extractor.
Champion is masticating type juice extractor.

G. Green Power, in independent testing, produced 25% more juice than the masticating type juice tested. *

H. Green Power, in that same independent testing produced 68.98% more minerals than the masticating type juicer tested. *

I. Green Power, in an independent study comparing the stability of carrot and apple juice prepared in different types of juicers, came out far ahead of the masticating type juicer. *

J. Green Power can easily juice wheat grass and herbs.
Champion does not juice wheat grass or herbs.

* Test data is available upon request.
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Bon Apricot Sauce
If you can find Turkish apricots, you are in for a real treat. They are so succulent.
The above recipe is brought to you by the courtesy of the copyrighter of "Living with Green Star" book. If you want to add this title to your kitchen library, please click here
To check out other recipes or if you have any good recipes to share with other people, please click here to visit our Recipe Exchange forum.
Green Star GS-3000's new siblings, GS-1000 & GS-2000
Good News! The New Model of Green Power juice extractor "Green Star GS-1000" is now available! The Green Power Juice Extractor now became More Affordable
Please send us your feedback, and we'll send you a free gift!
We are always concerned with the satisfaction of our customers, and the performance of Green Star machines.
Orange Juice Comparison Report
The following are the results of the test conducted in our facility to check and compare the yield of juice from the Green Star Juice Extractor and a leading Pro Restaurant Citrus Press.
Green Powered juice keeps longer? Can you explain?
Certainly. There are many factors that influence the "keeping time" or stability of juice. We can take a look...
Stain Zapper
Colored stains and mineral deposits on parts are normal usage signs of a product
Now Get Both the Plastic and Wooden Plungers!
Effective November 1, 2002, the Green Star, GS-1000, juicer will come with both the Wooden plunger and the Plastic plunger.

The brand new dual-stage
single-auger juicer.

Enjoy fresh juice
wherever you go.

The quiet yet
powerful citrus pro.

Make it your way, in your
own cup. And drink up!

Pure convenience.. pure water
pure peace of mind.

Grow wheat grass and
fresh sprouts Automatically.

Unlocking the goodness
of freshly milled grain.

Make fresh flour right
in your own kitchen.